Ukraine Has More Tanks On The Ground Than Russia

Ukraine Has More Tanks On The Ground Than Russia An unnamed senior U.S. defense official told The Washington Post this week that Ukraine now has more tanks on the ground than the Russians do.

“Right now, the Ukrainians have more tanks in Ukraine than the Russians do,” the U.S. official said on the condition of anonymity. “And they certainly have the purview to use them.”

While the number of tanks available at any one time is not necessarily an indicator of which side is in a better position, given that Russia is still in the process of repositioning and resupplying its troops in the eastern regions of Ukraine, it is a good indicator that Ukraine has sufficient military hardware and armored vehicles to continue fighting the Russians. At present, Russian forces are focusing heavily on the Donbas region and the cities that connect the contested land with Crimea Ukraine Has More Tanks On The Ground Than Russia

Scholz said Germany had to consider its own defense needs, the risk of escalation, and whether the country would “go it alone” on supplying tanks. The speech seemed to indicate that Germany may be willing to change its policy, but only with the backing of the United States – a move that seems unlikely given President Joe Bidens’ repeated hesitance.

Russia Keeps Losing Tanks

Ukraine claims that Russia has lost more than 680 tanks in the conflict so far. The claim was contradicted slightly by Oryx, a military blog that has tracked and counted Russia’s military losses in the Ukraine invasion so far, which estimates more than 460 Russian tanks have been destroyed as well as over 2,000 armored vehicles.

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